Your Employees'
Time and Comfort Matter.

Swvl Corporate is a service in Egypt, Kenya and Pakistan that makes sure your employees commute easily, safely and reliably every day. Let us help you reduce transportation expenses and take the hassle of managing employees transportation out of the picture.

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Why Swvl Corporate?

On call account manager

Dedicated Account Manager

Your account will be handled
by a transport professional who can
help you with planning, tracking,
editing, cancelling and adding rides.

Hassle-free swvl bus

Hassle-free Everyday Rides

Your employees will get safe
and quality rides daily
and they won't have to go through
the pre/post work office.

Personalized map

Creating Personalised Routes

Create personalized routes
for your employees that passes
in personlized stations in
personlized timings every day.

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You will receive a call within the next 48 hours for submission confirmation.

Thank you for helping us change how the city moves!